Cotton australia ceo says china fta will boost cottonseed demand in China « this year »

(01.08.2014) China is expanding a major push into cottonseed imports and will boost cottonseed demand in China this year, while also strengthening its hold on world markets.

In a statement by Chia용인출장마사지 Ching-sheng Co’s chief executive, Mr Zhang Dongmei, the country’s Agriculture and Forestry department said that it will boost trade in cottonseed « this year ». « To make up for the fall in cottonseed prices, China will boost its cottonseed trade last year, » Mr Zhang said.

He added that this would further boost exports of the country’s cotton crop. The statement said that the department plans to expand trade in cottonseed « in a few areas this year ».

In addition to expanding market share, China is also targeting the dominance of its three main industries: agribusiness, steel, and steelmaking.

Mr Zhang said the country hopes to boost its steel exports « this year » and said it aims to become « one of the world’s steel giants » by this year. Mr Zhang’s comment follows recent reports that the China Agricultural Bank (CAB), the country’s central bank, was also trying to reduce the share of coal in Chinese energy mix, to curb its reliance on coal. Mr Zhang said he will present a plan to « strengthen » the CAB’s role after 2015.

Last year the China Daily reported that a government committee had decided to cut the share of steel in electricity generation from 33% to 20% by the second half of 2014.

This year Mr Zhang will also be focusing on improving China’s power sector, adding that he hopes to increase coal use in the country by 30-40%, which could increase the country’s energy and carbon emissions by nearly 200 million tonnes by 2020 and possibly account for 60% of all CO2 emissions by the end of the decade.

Mr Zhang said that he expects that coal use in China will peak by 2015, while the country’s ene세종출장마사지 세종출장샵rgy needs will grow by 40-50% per year. On this basis, he said China will have to increase its energy use to meet its energy demand by around 55% by 2030, the year he will be working alongside Prime Minister Mr Xi Jinping. « Coal use will continue to grow by around 50-60% per year at a rate of around 400 billion to 500 billion 서산출장마사지tonnes per year between 2015 and 2030, » Mr Zhang said.

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