Hand of pedersen leaves souness안산안마 fearing axe and blade are set alight as thieves break into his car in Wokingham

A taxi driver who left the house in Wokingham yesterday fearing his car was set alight has had to flee the property after his flat was vandalised with the axe and axe and bottle-like device.

The houseowner of the terraced four-bedroom, three-bath apartment block, north of Oxford, was left upset after an email to his home from a stranger wrote: ‘I’m a little scared but I’ve got more things to get through on you now then your new flat.’

A police spokesman said the man was found by residents yesterday who said that he was’very upset’ and could be at risk of a hate crime attack. He did not offer any further details about the incident, which occurred outside a jewellery shop.

Mr O’Sullivan has been a council driver since 1998.

‘I am a mum of four who live in the building and are now being watched by a team of police officers and local women who all have had the misfortune to live close to the incident,’ Mr O’Sullivan added.

Hate crime investigation: Officers from Kent police and Oxfordshire police have been working on an investigation in relation to the threats against Mr O’Sullivan at his Wokingham home

He did not elaborate on any details of the threats.

Police said the man had taken a경주출장샵 경주출장안마 short cut from his flat and was still carrying a knife today.

He has not been arrested and n마사지o criminal investigation has been begun against him, it emerged.

Mr O’Sullivan said that no threat had been made to him and he believed that it was all simply another prank.

He said: ‘In that context, the threats made towards me were probably just because I had recently taken a job with a company that works with kids in London.

‘I do not know who wrote them, but I really am rather surprised.

‘It was simply another joke, made to make fun of someone who had just been appointed director of a charity and they thought it would be funny to throw a punch at the victim of the joke.

‘They’ve made it very clear that they will take the complaint to the police.’