Horse cull prompts rpsca concerns

THE COASTAL GARDENERS’ ASSOCIATION says an Australian cow has been killed by a horse and she has been left in critical condition.

The association said the incident occurred about 4am last Friday on its website after a couple in Southland said they were grazing their land next to a small dog park.

« It was around the corner to our right an가평출장안마d our neighbours, there were about 20 horse owners on the fence as well. The owner of the dog park saw this and was horrified as he felt his dog had been trampled by the large horse and died on the ground.

« The dog owner said that it was probably a couple with a small dog and it did not even seem as if the animal was scared off or distressed by the horses being out there feeding.

« We then heard an 여주출장안마animal screaming and thought it was a female cow being trampled on by one of the horses. »

The couple eventually drove off, leaving the dog’s carcass on their property.

The association’s president Mark McCrum said they had not heard anything before.

« There have been cases like this that have taken place in Australia, » Mr McCrum said.

« One woman, a couple in their thirtie예스 카지노s, that’s gone missing and never found. So there have been instances in which people have gone out and had their cattle run, but the incidents are never very dramatic.

« There have been quite a few incidents of horses trampling on people and in most of those cases, the horse has been removed. »

However, a spokesman for the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said cattle graze on the right of an adjacent cow feedlot and the state government was reviewing the practices of ranchers who feed cows on the edge of private cattle feedlots.

« There is no particular rule or regulation that prohibits cattle from walking up to cattle feedlots, but this situation was not in the law in Southland when it happened, » he said.

« The animal carers, if they were allowed to walk up to the feedlot, are not allowed to do so on the edge of the land and as a result, the carcass of the animal must be removed from the site. »

The association said Mr McCrum’s comments suggested Southland would not have had a cow in the cow feedlot before.

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