Labor leadership hopefuls count their numbers in this week’s leadership race.

« He’s running against every last liberal and liberal Democrat who’s ever run for president. » — Rep. Maxine Waters

On Monday, one of the big questions to be answered during the campaign — and for the next year or two — is which candidate will turn the race into an exercise in political theater and become the presumptive winner?

For decades, Democrats have had three options: firstly, Bill Clinton, who won both the 1996 and 2000 elections. Next was Barack Obama, whom Democratic strategists say won both elections. Then there was John Kerry, whose victory in 2004 marked a new beginning for the Democrats, who went on to win three more presidential elections.

But given the way the 2012 race played out, the outcome may have looked very different in 2004. Clinton had a far stronger mandate than in the previous two elections; Obama was more popular than in a presidential campaign since Bill Clinton; and Kerry had a clear advantage in the Democratic establishment and among the rank-and-file.

Now we get to a different scenario, one that would almost certainly see an unapologetically liberal choice running the race.

That prospect is represented by none other than former Vice President Joseph인터넷 카지노 R. Biden, who has already endorsed Barack Obama, but will return to the stage Monday. He will appear on the CNN stage after President Clinton, and then take questions from the audience — mostly on the campaign trail — at events across the country. Biden, who was appointed by Hillary Clinton during the primaries, did not even appear last year as a guest on CNN’s « The Lead with Jake Tapper. »

Biden, who is re-elected as vice president in 2012, has already called his candidacy to be the « first step » toward the presidency in 2008, and he has been endorsed by all of the major Democratic Party figures — including Hillary Clinton — except by the chairmen of the DNC and the DNC staff, which decided not to enter the race, according to The WaSM 카지노shington Post’s David Fahrenthold.

« His ability to bring out these core Democratic voters, who the party needs, and energize them, who are very loyal to the Clinton and Obama campaigns, could make [the race] more competitive, » said Tom Fitton, president of the Family Rese진주안마 진주출장마사지arch Council, a conservative group that is a member of the Democratic National Committee’s leadership committee.

« It’s a very clear sign that Joe Biden is really preparing to make a bid to take o