Teenager charged for allegedly spitting at officer outside Melbourne train station Copyright by KOIN – All rights reserved Video

KOIN 6 News Staff – NEWPORT BEACH, Ore. (KOIN) — Polic서산출장마사지 서산출장안마e officers are investigating a case of alleged racial and verbal abuse in넷마블 바카라volving three young people.

On Saturday around 1 p.m., officers with the Portland Police Bureau were called to East 7th Avenue and East Columbia Street. One of the people arrested was reported by witnesses to have grabbed a police officer’s throat, then spit at the officer while at the scene.

That officer then was taken to the hospital where the alleged victim was treated for pepper spray inhalation and shock. He is now in stable condition.

Portland Police say it’s against their policy to arrest somebody for spitting in front of a police인터넷 카지노 officer. Officers are concerned the person could be targeted by someone planning another attack.