Wa wineries scoop awards at national competition, while the wine industry also saw a surge in sales in recent years.

But the government has cut state wineries’ income from around $13 billion in 2005 to $7.8 billion in 2013, compared with over $20 billion in 2008, according to the annual report.

« It’s a situation in which the wineries and winemakers are competing against each other for the limited resources, and all of this competition and price competition that comes from this environment is hurting them, » said Tim Poulter, co-owner of F. St. Anselm, a winery near Toronto, on a tour of the industry in the city’s Weston neighbourhood on Monday.

« There’s this belief that what it’s like at home is different and it’s better, so when people start thinking about where the value of their products and products are coming from, they feel alienated from their business as a result, » he said.

Mr Poulter said the province needs to be investing more in the winemaking industry and educating consumers about the virtues of grapes and the risks associated with pesticide use.

In September, Ontario’s Health Ministry announced that all publicly owned wineries in the province would be required to produce annual repo강남안마rts on all pesticide use, along with details about how to protect the environment.

« The whole country is struggling with what’s wrong with the wine supply system, » said Tim LaPille, president of the Ontario Wineries and Distillers’ Association (우리카지노OWADTA), noting that all-use pesticide costs consumers an estimated $35-million a year. « In Ontario, winemakers pay a total of $7 million to $9 million [per year] to get their product sold… and that’s when pesticide costs are paid in the wine supply chain. »

Overestimate the cost of pollution

Winemakers’ efforts to fight pesticide use come as some provinces are exploring strategies to reduce the costs of pollution. The government’s carbon cap-and-trade program will be scrapped next year but will include measures to reduce polluting industries, including those in Canada’s wine industry.

The government has also said it will study whether it can find new uses for pesticides because of their potential impacts on animals and human health.

On M바카라 게임onday, Ontario’s government asked the Federation of Ontario Wineries to recommend methods that could lower the cost of pesticide use.